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Д. Signpost foundation “Stolbus-2 Dandaka”
Moscow is getting new road signs. They are set up on streets with low traffic and fit nicely into the architecture. The brand new signpost has been created in cooperation with the Сenter of Technical Development. The post is square-shaped so road signs are fixed tightly and will not spin. We make light but solid post tie with one screw and beautiful metal foundation at the bottom. The foundation is made of two steel sheets by metal bending and looks like elegant steel origami. The post is cheap to produce and extremely ergonomic. Thanks to a smart snap system, the ornamental foundation is locked by one simple move. Two halves are joint together and — pop! The snaps are made in a special way so the foundation is impossible to dismantle or break.
Strict black is the best choice for the post color. Done! This most sophisticated signpost will go down in history of sign posts.

А. В. Traffic Signpost
“The Poletastic 2 Dandaka”
The objective: To create a fresh new design for a traffic signpost.
New traffic signs are springing up along some of Moscow’s quieter streets, blending organically with the existing architecture and fitting seamlessly into the feel of the urban environment.
In collaboration with the Center for Technical Innovations, our Studio has developed the next generation of traffic signposts. Here’s how we made it happen:
The post itself was produced with square edges to ensure that the sign can’t twist around on it, while also making it more robust and resistant to impact damage. The sign is fixed to the post with a light but highly durable clamp, while the foot of the post sits in a stylized metal base.
The base was created by folding two sheets of steel together, like a piece of elegant metal origami. The post is inexpensive to produce and simple to maintain. For instance, thanks to a clever system of locks, the decorative base is secured in one effortless motion. The two halves simply slot together and lock in place. It’s that easy! At the same time the locks are designed to be almost impossible to take apart or damage. The post’s black color helps it to integrate effortlessly with the city’s style, making this the most chic and smart looking traffic signpost in the history of street furniture. "

А. Р. Street sign support “Dandaka Pole” We all know of those city streets where it’s necessary to do more than just guarantee safety for pedestrians and drivers. These are our neighborhood streets, where architecture is cozy, colors are bright, and our kids come out to play on a daily basis. The streets we want to see beautified, as well as made safe. Together with the Center for Engineering Innovations our studio designed a new street sign support for streets with light to moderate traffic. Our approach — make the base, or the pole, square, so the signs don’t rotate around or be as easily exposed to external forces; add a light but sturdy clamp with one screw; and finish it off with a handsome metal base at the bottom. The base is made by bending two steel sheets and looks so intricate that it reminds us more of a metal origami, than something that belongs to such an unromantic thing as a street pole. The support is relatively cheap in production and very easy to use. The base, for example, is installed in one quick move due to its clever locking system. All you do is take its two halves, connect them, and voilà — everything is set! The locks are installed in such a way that it’s practically impossible to take the base apart or damage it in any way. Black was chosen as the noblest of colors. What we have in the end is the most handsome and intelligent street sign support in all the history of street sign supports in the world!

З. П. Stolbus-2 Dandaka Traffic Sign Post
Objective: To create a traffic sign post
New, street-smart traffic signs are being introduced in Moscow’s low-traffic areas.
Art. Lebedev Studio, in collaboration with the Center of Technological Research, has designed the posts which will be used under the new traffic sign program.
The Stolbus-2 Dandaka post features a square profile to prevent axial rotation; a light yet sturdy single-bolt mounting bracket; and an attractive metal base.
The base is fabricated by bending two sheets of steel into what can be best described as an exquisite piece of metal origami.
The post is affordable and easy to use. For instance, the ornamental base can be installed in a single motion: the two halves snap into place and immediately lock together, making it next to impossible for the base to deform or come apart.
Add a classic black finish, and voila! The sleekest, most stylish traffic sign post ever made has arrived.

B. M. When Moscow needed new road signs for its low-traffic streets, it was important that they would sit well within the urban fabric. 

So, we sat down with the folks from Moscow’s Technical Development Center, and started thinking about how to approach the project. We started by squaring off the post itself to stop it from spinning around in windy weather and improve overall stability. Then, we came up with a lightweight, but tough single-bolt bracket. Finally, we slotted the whole thing into a pleasingly-simple base, made from two folded metal plates which take origami to a whole new level.

The whole signpost is cheap to make and easy to handle. The base, for example, has a simple set of clasps, which means it can be put up in one go. All you have to do is take the two halves and click them together. Once installed, it’s practically impossible to take it apart or bend the base.

So, we finished it in black, and there you have it — instant, understated elegance. We reckon this might just be the best-looking signpost ever made.

C. 30 mins

Д. Stolbus-2 Dandaka Road Sign Support
Task: to create a road sign support.
Moscow has begun to install new road signs. They can be found on low-traffic streets where they nicely complement the city’s architecture.
In collaboration with the Center of Technological Research, our studio has created a support for a new series of road signs.

We made the post square so that the signs do not rotate and are resistant to tampering. We’ve developed a light and strong bracket that is fastened by a single bolt. The bottom of the post is adorned with a beautiful metal base.
The base is made of two metal sheets bent to form a sort of elegant steel origami.

The post is cheap in production and easy to install. The decorative base, for example, is fixed into place in one motion thanks to a clever locking system. The two halves simply snap together. The locks are designed so that it is almost impossible to disassemble or damage the base.

We chose a pleasing austere black color. The result is the most beautiful and refined road sign support in the history of road sign supports.

T. W. The Stolbus 2 Dandaka road sign base
Overview Process
Task: to create a base for a road sign
New road signs are beginning to appear in some of Moscow’s quieter streets. Notably, they blend effortlessly with the surrounding architecture.
We teamed up with the Technical Development Centre to create a new-look base for street signs in the city.
32,999 ₽ ≈$532
We decided on rectangular posts to ensure the signs remained firmly fixed in position and would withstand the elements. The brackets, which are affixed by a single bolt, have been specially designed to be both light and strong. And the foot of each post is characterized by a stunning metal base.
A bending process is employed to make the base, using two sheets of metal. The result is reminiscent of a graceful origami composition, albeit one made from steel.
The post boasts low production costs, and fitting is a straightforward task. Thanks to a crafty system of locks, the decorative base can be installed in a flash. Just take the two parts, put them together, and — click! The locks have also been designed in such a way as to all but eliminate the risk of the base warping or being dismantled.
As for the colour, we went for a no-nonsense black. We’re thrilled with the result. We’ve unleashed to the world the most beautiful and exquisite road sign base in the entire history of road sign bases!

А. С. Stolbus-2 Dandaka Road Sign Base
Technical specification:
Design a road sign base.
Moscow low-traffic streets are seeing new road signs being installed to blend in perfectly with the urban architecture.
In cooperation with the Center for Technology Research, our Studio has developed a base for redesigned road signs.
≈ $532
≈ €439
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The post is designed square in section to prevent the signs from swiveling and protect them from external loads, has a lightweight and sturdy one-bolt mounting clamp and an elegant metal base.
Reminiscent of origami folds, the delicate base consists of two interlocking plates made of bent steel.
The post is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to maintain. For instance, its decorative base features an intricate one-click locking system. The only thing you have to do is put the two plates together until they click, and voilà! Once the metal plates are secured in place, the base is absolutely solid and tamper-proof.
To put the finishing touches to the design, we chose an elegant black. Meet Stolbus-2 Dandaka, the most beautiful and refined road sign base ever created.

Art Director-in-Chief Artemy Lebedev
Art Director Timur Burbaev
Design by Petr Konovalov
Visualization by Victor Lvov
Curated by Pavel Kramarenko
For the Center for Technology Research
Idea and Investment by Alexey Kuchmin
Product Design Engineering by Kirill Minibaev
Manufacturing Manager Nikolay Neprelyi
Development Manager Olga Serebryakova
Release date: April 27, 2018
Stolbus-1 Road Sign Base
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A. N. Alex Nikulin “Stolbus-2 Dandaka” Road Sign Post
Task: Design of a road sign post.
New road signs are being installed along Moscow’s quiet streets, specifically designed to complement the city’s architectural style. Working in close collaboration with the Center for Technical Innovation, our studio designed the post that the new road signs will be mounted to. The road sign post features a square cross-section to prevent forced rotation, a light and resilient single-bolt mounting clamp and an elegant metal base. The base is manufactured from two bent metal sheets, forming the origami-inspired geometry.
The post is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to service. For example, the decorative base is installed in a single action and, as the two parts of the base are brought together, the locking system snaps the base into position with single click. The locking mechanism is specifically designed to prevent unauthorized disassembly and deformation of the base. The new posts feature a strict finish and a light coating of happiness, as their installation on the quiet streets of Moscow marks the arrival the most elegant and enlightened road sign posts in the history of road sign posts.

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