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Bosch and Art. Lebedev Envision the Future of Transportation
printmag.com, 11.06.2020

You probably know Bosch for their tools and appliances—but you might not know that the company dreams a bit bigger than high-performance dishwashers and hand drills.

Moscow-based Art. Lebedev Studio is helping turn one of those dreams into a reality—specifically, Bosch’s vision for an entirely new urban transportation system.

The idea? Pioneered by Bosch’s Felix Jägle, the eRopeway takes public transport from the streets (and below) and puts it in the skies, subbing fluorescent light for sun and squelching any carbon emissions in the process. The means? An efficient cable-car—esque pod network.

The system is designed so that pods are called on-demand, and they then proceed along planned routes, seamlessly switching between lines, with no stops in the process (and no traffic). The network is also designed to be modular, making it scalable to reach new areas by demand.

Art. Lebedev Studio was hired to design the look of the passenger cabins—which are completely weather-proof and come standard with wi-fi—and to create a video showcasing how the proposed eRopeway works. Check it out below.

All aboard?

Art Lebedev Designs eRopeway Concept for Bosch
dexigner.com, 10.06.2020

Art Lebedev has developed an overground transport concept for Bosch. The eRopeway marries the advantages of cable cars with the ability to hop on and off whenever you want.

Completely weather-proof cabins can stop at any of the numerous small stations located on the route. The route network itself consists of curves and branches. It’s simple to expand, making it easy to reach new areas and go in new directions.

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