Sailor: Darling, I know that from January,25 till January,30 you were anywhere but not at home.
Agatha: I've been to London.
Sailor: Again? What for?
Agatha: For Backspace.
Sailor: "Secret conference",fuck you, more then 20 artists... Did you enjoy these "lecture series"?
Agatha: Of corse not, you are my only love.
Sailor: If you were at Backspace, you might visit Obsolete gallery, its the next floor.
Agatha: I did. Beautiful shockwave collection.
Sailor: One friend of mine saw you speaking with Dr. Richard Barbrook.
Agatha: I just made a lecture at Hypermedia Research Center, it's at University of Westminster.
Sailor: What lecture???
Agatha: Don't worry, one lecture about my works and Internet situation in Russia.
Sailor: Good night, darling.
Agatha: Good night.
Sailor: As for me I like etoy boys.
Agatha: All people like toys.
Sailor: All sailors know what does it mean to be a team.
Agatha: OK, i'll buy smth orange to you.
Sailor: I also have a present.
Agatha: Dear, I forgot to tell you, one guy came today.
Sailor: Captain Anthony L. Winns? What did he say?
Agatha: Nothing.
Sailor: More we live together, less I understand you.
Agatha: What again? My radio show?
Sailor: Yes, every time you talk about net art to these stupid listeners who phone you to ask what is the internet.
Agatha: This is you who is stupid. Lucky people, they never saw it, but already believe that it exists.
Sailor: I dont trust you.
Agatha: Ask agent Mulder.
Agatha: Look what I wrote today
Sailor: Look, what I found today.
10, Feb
Sailor: FFF.
Agatha: LOVE.
Sailor: virgin.
Agatha: They are ten people, GroupZ from Belgium.
Sailor: If I were you, I'd mail them to ask what do they think about net art.
Agatha: I'll do and inform you.
Sailor: Ask about trust-n-dust too, and send my warmest greetings.
Sailor: I see you got the answer. Read it.
Agatha: No,not everything... just the end
"I think we'll have long e-mails about net art... :)

(like chatting by a midnight fireside...)


Thank you. Hope to read from you soon.

>hope to meet you somewhere once

Me too!



PS: HEY! Why don't you join the posi-web? Check it out:

Sailor: Let me, I'll check this posi-web. I'll chek you all!
Agatha: OK?
Sailor: OK, reminds refresh a little.
12, Feb
Agatha: I'm leaving tomorrow for Nordic Glory and then go to MUU till 25, Feb. Can you promise to wait?
Sailor: If you promise to come back.
27, Feb
Sailor: You dont eat, dont sleep, dont smile. What happened?
Agatha: otstan'.
Sailor: OK. Nothing. Funny Fi nnis sites i found in your bookmarks.
Agatha: nu i chto.
8, March
Sailor: Thats all what women could hit up in the net.
Agatha: Really? And who did this?
Sailor: Their fathers, husbands and sons.
23, March
Sailor: haa- ha-ha-ha!
Agatha: haa- ha-ha-ha!

Sailor: someartists have moved.
Agatha: Its not forever.

10, April Agatha: Why do they think that its easy to tell a story?
Sailor: Cool off, dear.

Oh, look "story-history", miserable people...
Sailor: Dear, please...

27, April
Sailor: Cool server was born today.
Yes, it whispers: update your brousers and all plugins.
2, May
Agatha: A little addition to our dialogues.
Sailor: For ZKP#4?
Agatha: Yes.

19, May
Agatha: I like all these festival collections.
Sailor: ;) they must be good for traffic.
4, June
Sailor: Agatha, dear, i know why you feel so sad.
Agatha: Why?
Sailor: You spend too much time recalling and inventing stories. Make smth like this or this.

18, June
Agatha: They said we want net artists to participate in decorating our server,so, please, make animated gif 620x190 and we will place it on our site with link to yours. I did. Other artists also made huge banners to their works.
Sailor: I reloaded several times, your gif is the best.
Agatha: And how do u like this one?

29, August
Sailor: Going to Ars Electronica?
Agatha: No, more to remote.aec.at.
When miss me look at this nice collection.
Sailor: Go away.
21, September
Sailor: Zoe.
Agatha: Igor.

2, November
Agatha: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Sailor: Happy birthday dear Mike,
Agatha: Happy birthday to you!!!

5, November
Agatha: i'm leaving to budapest, to be the next in this list.
Sailor: sure, this art system consists of lists.

11, December
Sailor: I had an awful dream tonight.
Agatha: Forget it.

30, March (next year)
Sailor: How can I? everything reminds.
Agatha: yes.
Sailor: I'm exhausted.
Agatha: sleep.