Net belongs to belonged

In my net comedy "Anna Karenin Goes to Paradise", its character, one browser, says "Net belongs to girls and trains".
"Is it your manifesto?" - i was asked already twice.
"No" was my answer "Its just a conversation".
If I should formulate my attitude: "net could be conversation, dialog, monologue, story, book, film, drama, dance". They mustn't be interactive or hyper textual, to be netconversation, netdialog, netmonologue, netstory, netbook, netfilm, netdrama, netdance. The only term is to be born to exist in the net. The only because objective. Such sine qua non as communicative/informative value or cyber ideology could stay as indications(signs) not as requested conditions.
Good intention to defend net art from real art institutions turns out as new restrictions, artificial restriction. Real world old motto "Down with old art!" founds its new home (comfortable and well defended) in network. Those who proclaim that real art is communication remind me those who shouted "Real art is hard labor in the honor of communist future."
A statement that net doesn't need art critics nothing but step back to the land of darkness. It'll bring us to situation when
- designers will be supposed to be the only net artists.
- information and communication will be the only content.
- marketing, sails and self promotion - the only reason to apply to the net.
- primitive level of net existence already declared long waited freedom.
If artist don't realize net as reality to their experiments, curators (artists/curators) will use it as broadcasting channel as if it were just media, tool.
Type "net art" in any of search engines - numerous items will be found, but all appear just sites devoted to art (galleries of painters, photo artists...archives of film and video, museums representing their collections in the net).
My experience shows that its important to make informative experimental film page, that its easy to transfer experimental film to avi file. But idea to make netfilm is more timely.
Or time will be lost and net turn into phone book.
I also cant share statement that using of complicated net languages, not common scripts, tricks.. all these hated frames, javas, vrmls... is hype and not in the nature of democratic net, where not everybody has the latest versions of browsers and fast computers. So what? To wait when all resources are used by commercial companies and all users poisoned by their notion of virtual worlds. Inaccessibility to all is bad reason not to do smth. Quite the reverse:
-artists must be the first who explore and present it to designers when its already used.
-haute couture cant kill pret-a-porte.
Olia lialina
Moscow, 9.01.97