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Geolance is 100% free and on-line service marketplace. It’s a multi-billion dollar search marketplace containing and featuring valuable services and the businesses that provide these services. Unlike traditional platforms such as CareerBuilder, Monster and Workopolis etc., Geolance features a diverse array of services in the form of Requests for Proposals, otherwise referred to as RFPCs.

Geolance contains and features the most in-demand, high-value services by businesses nationwide, and provides a means for locating and generating qualified leads, sharing referrals and getting hired by other companies nationwide looking for qualified professionals and/or professional services. Our platform also enables professionals to search, post qualifications, get opportunities, turn leads directly into jobs, since Geolance is a full-fledged job board, such companies can post the job ads which can be instantly viewed by the professional public, commented on, and updated in real-time.

In the past 3 years, we’ve been creating opportunities for more than 80,000 skilled professionals in top-level industries such as health care, financial services, management consulting, telecommunications, software development, call centers, media and entertainment, and many other industries. »

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