Olia Lialina

Born 1971 in Moscow Net artist, critic and curator. Professor of Networks and Online Environments (Merz Academie, Stuttgart) Founder of Art.Teleportacia gallery. 1996-1998 director of CINE FANTOM film club, co-organizer of CINE FANTOM festival, author of lectures HISTORY OF PARALLEL FILM, Contributing editor of 4 RUSSIAN VIDEO ART AND ALTERNATIVE VIDEO compilations. Net projects: MY BOYFRIEND CAME BACK FROM THE WAR www.teleportacia.org/war AGATHA APPEARS www.c3.hu/collection/agatha ANNA KARENIN GOES TO PARADISE www.teleportacia.org/anna HEAVEN & HELL with Michael Samyn www.zuper.com/hh WILL-n-TESTAMENT news will.teleportacia.org Art.Teleportacia gallery art.teleportacia.org THE GREAT GATSBY remote.aec.at/gatsby TRUST-n-DUST diary www.design.ru/olialia/diary.htm CINE FANTOM on line archives www.cinefantom.org CROSS_THE_BORDER campain at dX with cross_the_border group www.contrast.org/borders Films: The Little Red Hat, 1994 He, 1995 presentations/exhibitions: NEW MEDIA LOGIA CONFERENCE, Moscow, 1994 V2_EAST MEATING, Rotterdam, 1996 METAFORUM III, Budapest, 1996 ART+COMMUNICATION, Riga, 1996 BACKSPACE LECTURE SERIES, London, 1997 INTERNET GALAXIES, Budapest, 1997 EMAF, Osnabrueck, 1997 BEAUTY AND THE EAST, Ljubljana, 1997 SEAF, Scopje, 1997 INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Moscow, 1997 ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, Linz, 1997, 1999 STEIRISCHER HERBST, Graz, 1997 THE BEST OF 2 WORLDS, Madrid, 1998 BEYOND INTERFACES, Toronto, 1998 IFCA, Maribor, 1998 MUUMEDIAFESTIVAL, Helsinki, 1998 NET ART WORLD, Berlin, 1998 ART AND ARCITECTURE IN EXTENDED FIELDS, Trondheim, 1998 MEDIENFORUM, Munich, 1998 AUDIOVISIONEN, Salzburg, 1998 FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM, Rotterdam, 1999 NEXT FIVE MINUTES, Amsterdam, 1999 EMMA FORUM, Stuttgart, 1999 NET_CONDITIONS, Karlsruhe, 1999 art residency: C3, Budapest, 1997 VILLA WALDBERTA, Munich, 1998-1999 prize: My Boyfriend came back from the war- 3d prize WEB ART CONTEST, Sao Paulo, 1997 Agatha Appears- 2d prize NET-ART'98, ISEA, 1998 nominated: Last Will and Testament - BEST SITES OF THE YEAR Webbyawards, San Francisco, 1999 teaching: NEW MEDIA LAB, Moscow, 1994 JOINT ART STUDIOS, Moscow, 1995 WESTMINSTER UNIVERSITY, London, 1997 MUU, Helsinky, 1997 KUNST ACADEMIET, Trondheim, 1998 FACHHOCHSCHULE Augsburg, 1998 UNIVERSITAET, Graz, 1998 AKADEMIE DER BILDENDEN KUENSTE, Munich, 1998/1999 MERZ AKADEMIE, Stuttgart, 1999-2001 jury: Exotica video art festival, Sochy, 1993 Exotica video art festival, St.Peterburg, 1995 Ostranenie, Dessau, 1997 Mr.Net.art, Irational.org, 1998 Pushkin meets Goethe video festival, Moscow, 1999 Trash-Art, Moscow, 1999 Course Development Competition, Budapest, 1999 The Cute Private Homepage 1999, Graz,1999